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介紹 TLJH-History

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 The Japanese Colonial Era

·         April, 1913: The antecedent of the Da-Lin High School, the Normal Primary School affiliated to the Chia-Yi Plant of Shin-Kao Sugar Company, was founded and admitted exclusively the children of Japanese employers of the sugar company. Mr. Shizume served as the principal. The school consisted of only one class and operated as a six-year primary school. Mr. Shizume and his wife were in charge of the teaching job.

·         1920: The Taiwan Viceroyalty started to implement district autonomy. Subject to Da-Lin Chuang, Chia-yiTing, the school was renamed as the Da-Lin Hsiao Hsueh Hsiao. Both Taiwanese (those of local gentility) and Japanese students were taken but the Japanese still outnumbered.

·         1944: Again renamed to be the Da-Lin Elementary School with Mr. Otani Teiichi as the principal. The Taiwanese students as well Japanese ones were taken.

·         1945: With Japan defeated, the Second World War came to an end. Taiwan was returned to the R.O.C. government. The school ceased functioning at the end of October. The Japanese were repatriated to their homeland and the Taiwanese students were incorporated into the Da-lin-nan Elementary School (the present Da-linElementary School). 

   The R.O.C. Government Era

·         May 1st, 1946: After the residents called upon all their resources, on the original campus was established the Tainan County Chia-yi Girls�f Junior High School, with Ms. Yu Chi-hua as the principal.

·         April, 1948: Renamed as the Tainan County Chia-yi Junior High School, with Mr. Hsu Chung-chun as the principal.

·         October, 1950: Tainan County and Chia-yi County started to belong to different municipality so the school again changed its name to the Chia-yi Da-lin Elementary Junior High School, with Mr. Hsu Chung-chun as the principal.

·         August, 1957: Renamed as the Chia-yi Da-lin High School, the school started to take senior high school students and became a comprehensive high school, with Mr. Liu Mu-tang as the principal.

·         August, 1968: The government practiced nine-year compulsory education and the school changed its name to the Chia-yi Da-lin Junior High School, with Mr. Liu Mu-tang as the principal. Former Principals�f names are as follows: Mr. Shih Chun-cheng, Mr. Cheng Tieh, Mr. Chou Chun-Chiang, Mr. Chueh Cheng-ming, Mr. Ho Ming-tang. Mr. Yu Chin-Ming, Mr. Lin Hui-hsiang, Mr. Yang Yin-Fu, Mr. Luo Mao-Shun, Mr. Lou Ming-Du and Mr. Lin Ji-Chun. The present principal is Miss OU,XIANG-YIN.


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